Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fix me!

This is a famous landmark in Cape Town: the Rondebosch Fountain. More correctly it is a water trough for horses, erected in 1891 - a hundred and ten years ago - to provide drinking water for the horses that pulled carts and wagons along the busy main road from Cape Town to Wynberg. It also provided gaslight by the looks of it. It was erected on this spot which is believed to be the site of the original Ronde Doorn Bosjen - a circle of thorn bushes that marked the site where a small fort or redoubt was to have been built near where, in 1657, Van Riebeeck settled some farmers - the first 'free burghers' - who were to grow produce for the Dutch ships that passed the Cape on their way to the East.
The cast iron fountain has four legs ending off with horse's hooves - redefining the "ball and claw" look! Sadly, as you can see, it is badly in need of some maintenance. It no longer is filled with water, and is rusting away, while cars frequently plough into the barrier rails around it. Come on City of Cape Town. This is not good enough!


  1. So much history in that one spot. It is lovely despite the neglect!

  2. The horse's hooves are a very nice touch. Perhaps they are waiting for a benefactor to fix it.

  3. That really is the kind of thing that needs to be looked after and preserved. Unfortunately not everybody sees the need in doing it.