Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture perfect

Cape Town's picturesque Waterfront in front of Table Mountain. Cape Town's prevailling moisture-laden summer wind, the Southeaster, pushes air up over Table Mountain, which cools and condenses, forming the famous Table Cloth. (We were having a delicious Italian pasta at San Marcos.)
PS. So proud of our very own Charl Schwartzel who won the US Masters golf tournament yesterday!


  1. Typical Cape Town postcard scene. Beautiful!

  2. Wow, this is a wonderful photo and description. I never knew such a thing.

  3. This is a stunning photo! It is so cool to see the "tablecloth" coming over the mountain.

  4. Jaume Saladrigas CussonsWednesday, September 07, 2011

    Also one of my favourite views of CPT.
    My mother used to like going out for supper at Hillebrand, the restaurant sown by the Waterfront. Everytime I visited from Barcelona (wher I live), we would go there. After dinner we would take a stroll and that view always wa part of our little walk. Thank you for sharing this pic!