Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bird bath

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden has just been nominated as one of the top 7 picnic destinations in the world by National Geographic. Wow. But then, I can see why. It is a truly spectacular, yet comfortable and friendly place to come to, with a host of things to do apart from look at flowers. It has an interesting history too. This is Colonel Bird's Bath, a spring of crystal clear water that bubbles up into this bird-shaped pond that was built in 1811 (200 years ago!) by one of the first owners of one of the farms that eventually became Kirstenbosch in 1913. The pool is about one and a half metres from end to end, situated in the magical shady Dell. On a hot day like today - the first really warm summer day we have had this season - it is a lovely place to come and cool down, although swimming is not allowed.

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  1. The area around the Bird Bath is my favorite spot in Kirstenbosch.