Saturday, June 4, 2011

Green gold

The Kirstenbosch exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show last week won a gold medal. This is a model of it on display at the Visitor Centre at Kirstenbosch. There very nearly was no entry this year as SANBI seems to be in a bit of a financial muddle, but luckily for us, the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the SA Gold Coin Exchange stepped in at the last minute and provided valuable sponsorship to enable the team to go to London in search of gold.
David Davidson - one of the co-designers of the exhibit - will be talking about the show at Kirstenbosch at 10h30 on 25 June. Click here for info.


  1. It truly would be a sad day when SA doesn't have an entry at the Chelsea Flower Show. I do wish I would be able to visit it one day to see the whole exhibition from all over the world.

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