Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two extra pairs of legs

On an empty field near our house in the middle of suburbia I spotted this Spotted Dikkop squatting in the dry grass on its thick knees - not moving away from me and the dogs. After taking the photo, I quickly moved off but later, looking at the photo, I noticed that it has two extra pairs of little legs underneath. The chicks must have been sheltering from the heat - although today is a bit cooler with a chilly southeaster wind blowing.
All our birds have been given official common names to integrate into the rest of the world and this ones new name is ''Spotted Thick-knee"- rather a silly name - I wish they had chosen the more poetic "Stone-curlew" as the official common name.


  1. Dikkops we know, but spotted thick-knee is not a name. Just a description, you know, that woman with red hair!

  2. I love the dikkops. Close to me is a big open space behind a house and they have a pair of dikkops living there. Every now and then when I'm lucky they come to visit.

  3. Amazing that she let you so close

  4. I did zoom in from quite far away.

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