Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road trip to the Transkei - homeward halfway house

On the way home we broke our long journey in Steytlerville - a small town in the Eastern Cape. We stayed in the delightful, old-and other-worldly hotel in the main road, the Royal Hotel. They do great traditional lamb dishes (and other wonderful comfort food dishes for weary travellers including vegetarian for those who just couldn't eat the cute and cuddly lambs that we had seen all along the road!). We were given a royal welcome by Marli du Plessis and after dinner we settled down in the lounge and watched Holland getting the better of Uruguay on their big screen - all alone - because it seems the residents of Steytlerville still prefer their rugby!


  1. Looks very quiet and relaxing.

  2. I'm very much enjoying your holiday snaps - please keep them coming!