Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road trip to the Transkei - coming home

We took the R329 from Steytlerville to Willowmore which, I think, is the only "strip road" left in South Africa. This strip of concrete, about 30 km or so long, between Steytlerville and Willowmore goes through some pretty unusual, and astonishingly beautiful country. We had to slow down for an approaching vehicle about three or four times.
We stopped in the little town of De Rust for pancakes and coffee and visited some of their craft and foody shops. It has become quite a tourist mecca - stuck so far away in the bundu - or the "Wop wops" as they say in New Zealand. This gentleman in his coat offered to look after our car while we ducked into "Mrs Moerby and ANTI Potgedonner's" shop for jams and honey, date fingers and all manner of delicious stuff. I am sure the car was quite safe, but he was very charming, and was very happy to be paid R5 for his efforts.
Then it was an easy and incredibly scenic drive all the way home.

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