Saturday, August 18, 2012

From the horse's mouth

Five white horses at giddy angles, with a vuvuzela in their mouths. Decidedly wacky! But this is a serious piece of art by sculptor Kevin Brand, commissioned by the City of Cape Town for the Sea Point Promenade.
As the website alluded to above states, “The artwork alludes to an interesting story from Brand’s childhood experiences on the Promenade. He drew his inspiration from his memory of the SS South African Seafarer running aground during a storm about 50 metres from the Mouille Point Lighthouse on 1 July 1966. The 63 crew and 12 passengers on-board all survived the shipwreck thanks to the South African Air Force’s heroic action.
“At the sculpture’s unveiling, Brand explained that the ship’s cargo contained, among other things, some miniature white plastic horses. Brand says that the crashing white horses of the Atlantic Ocean washed these little white horses to shore and scattered them on the beach where he and many others delighted in finding the tiny treasures.
“The result of his experience is a depiction of five white horses, each with a polished aluminium vuvuzela protruding from both the mouth and tail. Underground tubing connects the horses, and passers-by can speak or blow into one end of a vuvuzela and have a friend hear the message on the other end.
“The horses are placed on concrete bases and positioned at angles which suggest a ‘washed-up’ feeling. The names of significant women in Brand’s life are etched below each horse.”


  1. I do enjoy when art has a story and purpose.
    Jane x

  2. Thanks for the info. They would just look daft without knowing the story behind.

  3. They're not as interesting as the girl with the dragonfly