Sunday, July 8, 2012


The old Silvertree Restaurant at Kirstenbosch is no longer and in its place is the exciting Moyo Restuarant. It is a tad on the pricey side - R108 for coffee and scones for two - but they use only locally sourced stuff and the vibe is great. These Helen Martins-style angels stand guard at the entrance. The human angels are my nephews; on holiday at the moment.


  1. There's now a Mojo's at Kirstenbosch. Unfortunately its becoming the same as having a Wimpey or Steers at these attractions. Why can't there be a restaurant unique to the venue. I don't think Mojo's is really the type of place people visiting Kirstenbosch would go to.

  2. Its funny you should say that. The oooold restaurant was really really popular and Cape Town was so sad when SANBI demolished it to make way for the new bunch - NONE of which have been popular or successful. it will be interesting to see how long Moyo lasts. At its present prices - I'd say not all that long.Caroline