Friday, June 1, 2012

Tranquility Cracks

My take on today's theme, tranquility, is to take you on a hike up Table Mountain - Cape Town far, far below, with the far-off noises of the city and the southeaster wind in your ears. We take a sudden turn off the main path onto a narrow, undefined path, past a gnarled, mossy yellowwood tree and into a narrow rocky corridor, which leads into several other passages and caves. Yellowwood trees grow all around, their crowns reaching for the sun high above. Suddenly all is quiet and still. These are the Tranquility Cracks.
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  1. What a great spot. I'm a big fan of caves.

  2. Excellent choice for theme day. Well done, take care!

  3. I find going for walks in a forest the most tranquil so would have loved to live in CT and be able to go for walks on the mountain.