Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting married in the morning

Two friends tied the proverbial knot in a delightfully informal wedding ceremony in the Thomas Mossop Memorial Hall, which is used by the Methodist church, in Little Mowbray. A choir of young girls formed a singing and clapping guard of honour as we all came out.

(I was curious as to who Thomas Mossop was, but can't find anything about him.)


  1. No? Have you been to the Archives? Sure they have something on this Mossop.
    Mowbray. The name brings back fond memories... lived there once. Shared a townhouse with some very nutty people. All white back then. I'm glad things have changed for the better.

  2. Confess I havent been to the Archives - just looked at my books and the internet - but have it on my list of things to look up one day ...
    Yes things definitely for the better here now!