Monday, February 20, 2012

A taste of Heaven

Last Friday we lunched at Jason's Hill Bistro on the wine estate of the same name in the Slanghoek Valley near Worcester. It was a really hot day and we sat on the balcony under the umbrellas - the most spectacular view spread out below us. The food was good - particularly the creme brulee - and we thought the price of the wines was per glass but it turned out that it was per bottle! We had the Viognier, described as "an elegant wine with spice, orange peel, citrus and honey flavours complemented by four month French Oak maturation", and it was divine.
The only thing that brought us down to Earth again was when the neighbouring table lit up and started fouling the air with cigarette smoke. They should have been told to stop, but we had nearly finished and did not want to create a fuss.
So we went downstairs and bought a few cases of the award winning wines, and took them away to enjoy in the Cederberg where we were headed.


  1. Yuck..the cigarette smoke would have sent me running.....then I would have complained to the staff.
    Jane x

  2. People should NOT be allowed to smoke anywhere in public. Looks like a very nice spot though, specially with the mountains in the background

  3. What a perfect spot. I'd have like to be sitting there sipping some of that award winning wine.