Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pot of silver?

Rainbow over Silvermine - a showery, blustery day today. Silvermine is a section of the Table Mountain National Park where once, many many years ago, the early Dutch settlers prospected for silver in vain. Now its a glorious nature area in the middle of Cape Town.


  1. Another gorgeous photo of a spectacular view!Jane x

  2. A beautiful photo. I do worry to see wind again. On your comment the other day about lots to do even when the winds blows. I will always find something to do and the wind doesn't bother me when we go out (I'm from PE after all), my worry is for our poor tents and hoping they will withstand your strong winds. LOL. Probably worried for nothing as I'm sure the caravan park's sites are well sheltered.

  3. The silver is the view. Spectscular.