Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Still beside the seaside, this is Oudekraal which is along Victoria Road between Camps Bay and Llandudno. A popular spot with divers and a great place for a picnic or a braai. You can just make out the white buildings of the Twelve Apostles Hotel in the centre of the photo too. Lion's Head is on the left. The sea is icy cold here - especially in summer when the Southeaster wind, which was pumping today - blows the surface water northwards, and cold water wells up from under the sea causing what is known as upwelling. On the other side of the peninsula, the sea is a totally different temperature.


  1. There is a place in Wales, U.K where I used to holiday as a kid called Llandudno. The double L is a welsh thing and the one on the Cape is named after there

  2. Once upon a time, we used to live in that top right corner of Camps Bay, and drive this road to Woolies in Hout Bay.

  3. I'm a bit worried about the South-easter for our visit as we are campers. I believe the caravan park is well sheltered, but I'm still a bit worried.