Monday, November 21, 2011

Arty afternoon

The National Gallery has a most interesting exhibition on at the moment entitled Listening to Distant Thunder: The art of Peter Clarke curated by Philippa Hobbes and Elizabeth Rankin. There is an accompanying book for sale too, but annoying, the shop was closed today as it is every Monday. Clarke is one of Cape Town's most talented artists, and he lives in a terraced house in Ocean View where he and his family were evicted from Simon's Town during the infamous Group Area Act forced removals of the National Government in the 1970s.
Also, annoyingly, one is not allowed to take photos inside, but here is a photo of the poster advertising the interesting and thorough exhibition outside the National Gallery.

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  1. I also get very annoyed when I visit places and obviously want to blog about it but aren't allowed to take pictures. Blegh!