Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lounging around Wynberg

With summer suddenly upon us - well almost - one's fancies turn lightly to sweet thoughts of lounging around pools and sipping orange juice with nothing else to do but relax and soak up the sun. If you are the well heeled sort, you could quickly be divested of thousands of rand in this gorgeous little collection of outlets selling garden furniture, parasols, kitchenware and other delightful non-essentials, Chelsea Garden and Home. Under the roof of an old Wynberg house, Kleine Oude, (said to have been built in 1798) it is well worth a visit. According to Helen Robinson in her book Wynberg: A special place, this was also the site of the first general store that was built near a ford at the foot of Carr Hill shortly after the Oude Wijnberg farm was subdivided.


  1. I will make sure to explore all these areas you always feature when I'm down in the Cape in Dec / Jan.

  2. There have been no red buildings for a while....I'm beginning to miss them!
    Jane x