Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flying past

Flying past on the Nelson Mandela Boulevard this afternoon I could clearly pick out the subject of my post yesterday - the Moravian Chapel in District Six. It is the white building right in the centre of the photo. You can see all the open space that was left vacant, as Cape Town's builders and architects refused to build on sites that has once been part of the vibrant community that was District Six, and even today, I am not sure what will become of it. There are probably many land claims and much land restitution to be concluded still.


  1. I drive on that highway every time I'm in Cape Town, but quite clearly my eyes (when not on the road) is on the mountain. I've never really looked carefully on what is in District 6.

  2. Layers of history in that photo. Your Moravian Chapel. The 8 blocks below De Waal Drive built just after WWII? And newish Tampax towers on top.

  3. Not sure how we mangaged to get the World Design appelation with those three eyesores still standing. Maybe we can use the money to demolish them.