Monday, July 25, 2011

Road trip to the Orange River - the journey up

Apologies for the gap but we were away for the week - and deadlines and frantic planning left me with no time for leisurely blogging! But now we are back, having had the most amazing camping and 4x4 trip in the Northern Cape province. We were on a tour with Peter and Ian of Cape Diversity Tours - friends of ours who take tours into rugged and little-known areas of South Africa and Namibia - so if you have any interest in 4x4-ing, this is the ideal tour. They have done all the spade work and know the area and the people - and are knowledgeable, reliable, very eco-aware and jolly good company (and provide jolly good food!).
So for the next few days, you will have to sit through some highlights of the tour ...
starting with our trip up the N7 which is the main road to Namibia. At Citrusdal there is always a mandatory stop at one of the many characterful little roadside stalls in the orange orchards which are legendary. Here are Ian and Peter stocking up. As well as oranges fresh off the trees they have sweet potatoes, dried fruit and rooibos tea. Mmmmm. And in the background, the mighty Cederberg mountains with just a hint of winter snow left on Sneeuberg.


  1. The first person to open a farm stall should have a monument erected in their memory. I love stopping at them.

  2. You had me at the dried fruit... love the stuff!

  3. Don't like oranges, but dried fruit Mmmmmm.
    Jane x
    PS Once went on safari in Kenya, it was amazing!

  4. There is still, just a hint, of snow.

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