Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Swim

This is the last of the Eastern Cape photos for a while - after all this blog is meant to be about Cape Town! But the Eastern Cape is just such a beautiful place that fully deserves the title of Eden.
Anyway, this is Samrec - the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre which I particularly wanted to see as it was near here - at Cape Recife - that almost 20 000 penguins from near Cape Town were released after being rescued from the threat of oil from stricken bulk ore carrier, the MV Treasure. This ship sank with disastrous results for many thousands of penguins. The un-oiled penguins taken to Port Elizabeth were released in the hope that by the time they got home again, the oil would have been cleaned up. Transmitters were affixed to three of them - Peter, Pamela and Percy - and scientists, and indeed the whole of South Africa it seemed, were able to track their swim home - a journey of about 800 km that took them between 17 and 22 days.


  1. Just had a look at the Samrec site. I'd volunteer for sure if I lived there! I am trained in oiled wildlife response, and fortunately have never been called on to use it(and I hope it remains that way).
    Jane x

  2. SAMREC has an fantastic facility. These guys do a great job and need all the support and exposure they can get. I hope you went in and took the tour.

  3. Thank heavens for organizations like this, 20,000 penguins is a very big deal. The horror for the ones that didn't make it is horrific. Really interesting post Caroline, thanks.