Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th!

Well I guess it was Friday 13th today - where the last few posts on the blog went to I am not sure - but they have disappeared into the ether.

Maybe its time for a drink at the local. In this case, Constantia Nek Restaurant which has a rather nice pub with some colourful regulars who are always there propping up the bar and regailing the barman with stories about Arsenal.

It claims to be the oldest restaurant in Cape Town, and it has hardly changed since I first went there a good 30 years ago!


  1. (It's the blogspot black hole. Scheduled maintenance went wrong, but it should all be back to normal, soon. I need to track down one of your posts I missed ...)

    We were talking the other day about those vineyards that climb up on the Constantia side, to the cliffs. Would love to know how you feel about that. I think they shouldn't have been allowed to go that high!

  2. It was certainly a black day for blogger. Good day for visiting your pub though.

  3. Friday the 13th wasn't a good day for Blogger. I had to eventually repost the two pictures I posted on my two blogs, but still need to rewrite the actual post. The comments are gone though.

    I have passed the Constantia Nek restaurant, but have never stopped there.

  4. Yes I think that the vines are far too high up Constantiaberg, but I dont think that they will expand anymore as now SANParks has pretty good control over most of the mountain. There are lots of privatley owned bits below the TMNP border that are overun with Port Jackson and other aliens - just as bad as the grape vines!