Thursday, April 28, 2011

Up in the clouds

This is the famous Noon Gun Tearoom and Restaurant perched high above the city of Cape Town on the slopes of Signal Hill in the historical Bo Kaap. You just have to be there to experience the magic of this family owned restaurant steeped in the traditions of old Cape Town. I don't think that there is another place like Bo Kaap in the whole world. The Noon Gun - actually two noon guns - are old 18-pounder, smoothbore muzzle-loaders that are apparently the oldest cannons still in use in the world today. The guns are on Signal Hill, which is just above the restaurant, and one of them fires each day at 12 noon - one of Cape Town's oldest traditions.


  1. What gorgeous views!The cannon 'boom' must be quite a shock to newcomers enjoying their meal!
    Jane x

  2. The noon gun is as part of Cape Town as the Mountain is.

  3. Sounds like a great place to visit, the views alone would make it worthwhile.