Monday, March 14, 2011

Taxi violence

A brave bus driver in Wynberg Main Road early this morning risks the ire of the striking taxi-owners. "Taxi violence" is something that commuters from the townships have to fear every day. The taxi-bosses are a law unto themselves in all South Africa's cities, and despise any curbs on their "warlord" status. The Cape Provincial government is trying to force them to stick to the traffic laws of the country - which they see as an infringement on their turf. They feel above the law, hence today's taxi strike in Cape Town. Buses (the "opposition") were stoned this morning in Khayelitsha and no doubt in many other places too, and people violently intimidated and severely disrupted because of these warring, faction-fighting bullies who infringe on the rights of ordinary citizens to a peaceful and democratic life in our new South Africa.


  1. Don't get me started on the taxis...Especially as a scooter rider. Keep us posted and let's hope the city gets on top of this one.

  2. Like Northender I'm a scooter rider, so I won't start. But from all accounts I smell a political rat involved in this one.

  3. Why is it that those who protest and strike always resort to violence?