Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earth Hour Africa

Earth Hour at Southermost: 26 March 2011. Photo: Meg Cowper-Lewis.
Many Capetonians switched off for Earth Hour last Saturday, and to me this photo from the southern tip of Africa summed it all up.

The photo was taken by a friend, Meg Cowper-Lewis, who lives in a rambling old house at Cape Agulhas that is the most southerly private house in Africa. It is called Southermost and in the summer, Meg runs a B&B from the house. I can promise you that it will be a unique and enjoyable stay. Meg is also an envrionmental activist of repute and keeps an eagle eye out for any transgressions against the environment in her beloved Agulhas area - and far beyond.


  1. People should celebrate the idea of Earth Hour more often.

  2. We attempt to have earth hour every day....every little helps.
    Jane x