Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend at Agulhas: The people

This church with its beautiful angel weathervane is the heart of Elim, a little village on the Agulhas Plain which is still owned and run by the Moravian church. In 1824 the Moravians founded the mission station on a farm, largely to offer a safe haven to freed slaves. We were fortunate to chance upon a wedding this hot and sultry Sunday, where the groom and the bride both arrived in a horse and cart with a beautiful arch of palm fronds and protea flowers. The name Elim comes from the reference to an oasis of palm trees in the Bible and palms are very much a feature of the village.


  1. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to Elim. I have heard so much of it and it looks like a beautiful town.

  2. Been there, done that. But I never saw the angel, and I love weathervanes!! Found an elephant one, when we were in London.