Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Enter through these exciting gates to a world of ecclesiastic edification and education. St Michael and All Angels is a large and impressive church in Observatory designed by the illustrious Sir Herbert Baker. The foundation stone was laid in 1898 and the church consecrated in 1906. The services are "high Church" with incense, majesty and awe, and the music out of this world.
The word Ecclesiastic means "of the church" and the root Ecclesia first meant "general assembly" (of Athenian citizens) ultimately from the Greek work ekkaleo which means "summon". Isn't etymology fascinating?
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  1. ESPECIALLY love the first sentence!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Gates always interested me. Like a cemetery that is enclosed in a fence with a gate. You have to wonder if the gate is to keep them in or to keep them out.

  3. Lovely capture and great use of an E word. I think you are the only one to use Ecclesiastic today.

  4. I love old churches and gates as well. Thinking of it, I have never been to a church service like that.