Friday, January 14, 2011

Falling Stars

Today is a bit gloomy and cloudy, so I thought I would post this sunny photo of the well-loved statue of Kirstenbosch's resident Cape Clawless Otter in the Otter Pond. Scultped by Llewellyn Davies and donated to Kirstenbosch by the Taeuber Family in September 1994, it is inscribed with the words "Our quality of life will depend on the ability of mankind to live in harmony with nature."
January is the time of year for the Falling Stars (a hybrid of Croscosmia) to flower and don't they look spectacular falling over the edge of the pond? In New Zealand they are a weed!


  1. The falling stars look beautiful over the pond like that. The Otter Pond is one of my favorite spots Kirstenbosch

  2. Hi Caroline, I took that exact photo of the Cape Clawless otter when we visited the Kirstenbosch gardens two years ago. And yes, the crocosmia are exquisite in the gardens right now. Have a great weekend. Blessings from Jo