Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cape Agulhas

Late afternoon light at Cape Agulhas makes even the ugly houses of Struisbaai look beautiful! This amazing place - the southern tip of Africa - is just under three hours drive from Cape Town.


  1. Oh I love Cape Agulhas, Caroline. It does look stunning in that light. If you have a minute, do pop into John and Debbie's blog and see what they've been up to. (here: They would appreciate any word of confirmation, affirmation, encouragement or gift you feel like imparting. Have a great day, my friend. Jo PS this is my last three days in South Africa for the next ten weeks!

  2. I love the clouds.....and the bird on the rocks.

  3. Its always very amusing how lots of Cape Townians think the two oceans meet at Cape Point and not at Cape Agulhas. Its a marketing ploy I suspect. Anyway, although it seems desolate, the Agulhas area is actually very interesting.