Monday, December 13, 2010

Tortoises have right of way

The Shuttle Car tour of the magnificent gardens of Kirstenbosch starts off on Camphor Avenue which used to be the main road from Cape Town to Hout Bay. It was lined with trees to represent the various outposts of the British Empire by Cecil John Rhodes: cork oaks from Gibraltar, Moreton Bay figs from Australia, camphor trees from Hong Kong, and so on. Legend has is that he wanted Queen Victoria to be proud of it when she eventually came to South Africa and presumably would have driven up the road to have tea with him. Sadly for Cecil it never came to pass and today the honourable guest coming up the road was a little tortoise.
(The ride takes an hour and we had a very convivial and knowledgeable guide called Howard.)

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  1. It must be quite interesting to get a guided tour of the gardens. Lovely.