Thursday, December 2, 2010


Surveying his domain is Monty, the resident dog at Silverhurst, a stately old Victorian house on the grounds of Wynberg Boys High School that is now the residence of the headmaster and his family. The book Wynberg: A Special Place by Helen Robinson, says that Silverhurst, situated on the crest of Wynberg Hill, used to belong to a wealthy merchant, Isadore Hanau but is now part of the school which must have some of the most beautiful grounds of any school in the world. The Eric Tasker Museum - filled with memorabilia relating to the school's long and illustrous history, has recently been relocated to Silverhurst and is well worth a visit. Contact the Wynberg Old Boys Union for information.


  1. How beautiful, Caroline. Thanks for your visits to my blog. Do let us know when you do come/go to the Berg. We may be there at the same time and can meet for a hike (or would a cup of tea be better, LOL!) Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Today our Veld and Flora arrived. I am delighted that you included the web address of our blog with the photo!!

  3. So it means that the head mater lives in a museum. How cool is that!