Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Nellie

At 7 am in the morning the Southeaster cloud is already starting to spill over Table Mountain. This is the grand entrance to Cape Town's gracious old dame, the Mount Nelson Hotel, on Orange Street. The Nellie is almost 111 years old - a Nelson for the Nellie! It apparently opened on 1 March 1899 to provide luxurious accommodation for passengers using the Union Castle ships. This gate and the palm lined driveway leading up to the hotel was built in 1924 in honour of the visit by the Prince of Wales in 1925. I am sure he must have been suitably impressed. For more on the history of the Nellie, click here.


  1. This brings back wonderful memories of my stay in Cape Town. I never tired of watching the clouds spill over Table Mountain.

  2. Hi Caroline! I just discovered your blogs through Margaret's site! I've joined two of them - love your flowers, thank you for posting so much information about them! I hike every Thursday, wonder how many times we've been on the same routes!

    Great to hook up with a fellow South African blogger!