Monday, November 15, 2010

Tragic Times

The inhabitants of the township of Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay, like the rest of us Capetonians from Constantia to Gugulethu, are trying hard to capitalize on the great success of the World Cup earlier this year by attracting tourists to our wonderful city. One of our unique tourist attractions is a visit to a township - most of which are dense settlements on the outskirts of the city that grew during the dark days of apartheid when it was illegal for black people to live in the city without a work "pass". Poverty is rife, and tourism is one way of uplifting the communities there.
But then we wake to the horrible news of a hijacking and murder of a British tourist who was visiting Gugulethu to experience the wonderful "vibe" of Xoli's Tavern - which is a famous shebeen (bar) and eatery there. How very tragic - not only for the family and friends of the two people involved in the horrific crime, but for the whole community - the township of "Gugs" , the whole of Cape Town and indeed, all of South Africa.


  1. Nice shot, and sobering reminder of such short-sighted thinking. For every 10 people trying to push us forwards, there is somebody determined to hold us back.

  2. As somebody who works in the tourism industry and knows how hard it is to market this beautiful country of ours, I was very shocked when I read about this incident. It is very bad, not just for the image of Cape Town, but for all of us. I really hope they catch somebody soon. I am just baffled why they decided to go into a township at 11pm on a Saturday night. That was looking for trouble. The driver of the shuttle is also to blame as he should have know better as well. Very tragic indeed.

  3. The woman said that her hotel was too safe and she wanted excitement, stupid Dane.
    Anyone for more socialism?