Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colonial scars

The Old Town House on Greenmarket Square used to be Cape Town's City Hall - way back when it was built in 1755 by the Dutch. It normally houses a collection of Dutch old masters - including Rembrandt - but at the moment there is a special exhibition of "apartheid art" called "Home and Away: Return to the South". Some of it is pretty searing. (Download a catalogue here.) This morning is rainy so it would be a good day to take in some art, and when it stops raining, as it always does in Cape Town, it will be time for tea in the courtyard behind this wonderful old building.


  1. I have been to Greenmarket Aquare, but I have never been inside. Always thought it to be a beautiful building though and slightly out of place inbetween all the newer buildings.

  2. How lovely that you could take tea in the couryard behind this museum. Good on Beulah Lombard for providing the venue. What did you have? When we visit Cape Town again, I will be sure to look out for all the beautiful places you post about. Have a great day, Caroline. (((Hugs))) Jo