Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ocean fresh

This morning, after a walk in the green and rainy greenbelt, I called in at our "local" fish shop - The Little Fisherman - run and owned by Gary (centre) and bought a piece of yellowtail for tonight. Their fish is fresh, all on the SASSI green list, and the staff are helpful and friendly and will remove all the bones from the fish at no extra charge and recommend ways to cook it. You can also order fish in advance.

And if you are hungry, sit down and enjoy some cooked fish in their delightful shop, in the High Constantia Shopping Centre.
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  1. What a clean shop and what friendly assistants. Thanks for your visits to my blog, This is my last comment from North Africa (sadly!) I will be online again in South Africa within about two days. Until then, blessings and hugs, Jo

  2. Thanks Jo - and have a safe trip back!

  3. I love these little glimpses of life in another country.

    What a fantastic initiative the SASSI is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Although we can also get fresh fish around here, there is nothing like buying your fresh fish somewhere in the Cape.