Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lion's Head

L is for Lion's Head - Cape Town's crouching feline that guards the city. This view shows the head and the rump - otherwise known as Signal Hill (that still blasts off an old canon at 12 noon every day.) You can also see the infamous Robben Island in the background.
You can also see the cable car coming up towards us - the lower cable station far below.
This view does not really show the mountain looking like a lion - the view from the sea is more convincing. It must have been named by early sailors into Cape Town. The Khoekhoe people who were living here when the early settlers arrived in the fifteenth century called Lion's Head Kuru-Gxan which means “emerging egg”.

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  1. What a wew! Stunning!
    And yes, I can see the Lion to, beautiful!

    Annelie E
    ABC Wednesday team.

  2. Must have been an amazing site to the first sailors who came across it

  3. I love when nature does that anthropromorphic thing.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I love Table Mountain. I can look at it all the time when I'm in the Cape. *sigh*

  5. I'd love to visit this place!

  6. What I love most about the CDP blogs is that I get to see how others live. :)

  7. It's all in the viewpoint, isn't it? I can see the general felne shape, though, and I'd love to see a view from the sea!

    Jay - ABC Wednesday team