Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tree man

Who said Kirstenbosch was all about flowers? Camouflaged against the trunk of a huge fig tree is a figure - one of several that make up an exhibition called Untamed by sculptor Dylan Lewis. Although there are no labels or explanations on the statues (I think they want you to buy the book!) a google later on revealed that these figures are meant "to show a progression from wilderness, to animal, to fragmented animal forms, to the human/animal interface. Where does animal end and humankind begin?" Some rather schoolboy-ish poetry accompanies the introduction to the exhibition in an arty-rusty-fully recycled building that popped up overnight on one of Kirstenbosch's green lawns. Shocking to some of the Kirstenbosch faithful, but certainly a wonderful way to while away a glorious spring day.
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  1. It looks like part of the tree trunk when I looked at it. So apt. A very intriguing sculpture indeed. :)

  2. There seems to be lots of art going up in CT with those on the Sea Point promonade as well. Here in PE they are putting up art on the Donkin Reserve as well as doing an art inspired freedom walk from the Campanile to the Donkin remembering Mandela's time in politics.