Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tapestries of rare plants

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Art Biennale 2010 is on at the moment - and well worth a visit. Apart from being completely free to view, there were some interesting new additions to the usual paintings - like these fabulous wall hangings by artists of the Keiskamma Art Project. Kirstenbosch invited a group of artists from the Keiskamma Art Project to the garden a few months ago, showing them the rare and endangered plants from their part of the world growing in Kirstenbosch. The artists were ispired to create some amazing wall-hangings and tapestres that are now on show - like this cycad above.


  1. sounds very interesting; kind regards, Charles

  2. The Keiskamma Art Project always does an awesome job, no matter what they do. This is beautiful and very innovative.