Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going down in a puff of smoke

That puff of smoke in the centre of the photo is two huge concrete cooling towers being imploded in Cape Town this morning. It was a rather stormy day with squalls of rain blowing over but luckily we were able to see it all happen from our vantage point on the slopes of Devil's Peak. And we nearly missed it because it went off about 4 minutes early.


  1. I missed it. I was in Cape Town for the Survivor auditions. We stayed overnight in front of the gate from Friday to Sat and slept in Sunday morning. We headed to the mountain later than we wanted and went to UCT. I was 20meters away from the viewpoint I was going to when we heard the bang. Only dust in the air when we got there. Sat in the car for 2 hours trying to get off the campus.

  2. Aah I am sorry! I also missed the initial moment.Silly idiots. I hope you get to star in Survivor!