Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fire Heath

Today is Wednesday - which means walking on Table Mountain and ABC Wednesday. Luckily one of the first flowers I saw in the fynbos on the slopes of Chapman's Peak above Hout Bay this morning was a Fire Heath (Erica cerinthoides). Apart from the fact that they glow red like a flame, they come up after a fire in the veld. And fynbos is famous for being a fire-dependent vegetation type.
For more fs, see ABC Wednesday.


  1. Fabulous photo of a Fantastic Flower. Fynbos is magical.

  2. the flower looks really fabulous.. and fantabulous too :D an excellent find for this weeks post with F theme :)

    My ABC W post

  3. beauty in what appears to be a bit barren.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Nice post on the F theme..
    Beautiful Flowers too.

  5. Different take on the F theme.
    Interesting facts and a lovely picture of the flowers.

  6. These are beautiful flowers, and a backdrop to die for. Not to mention the many red f's.