Monday, August 2, 2010

Devil take my heart*

Devil's Peak looms over Groote Schuur Hospital, which is famous for being the hospital where the first heart transplant was performed by celebrity surgeon, Chris Barnard. Groote Schuur is Dutch for "Big Barn" - also the name of the stately colonial mansion that is the official residence of the South African President. (Perhaps they needed lots of large barns in the early days of Cape Town.)
As I drove past this misty morning, the sun briefly lit up the old section of the hospital. You can see the mist swirling in on the left, over the concrete "new" section of the hospital. The old section was opened in 1938, making it 72 years old.
I hear it is in rather a tatty state at the moment.
* with apologies to Webster.


  1. Its always sad when you see these old state hospitals being neglected. The same is happening with the ol;d Provincial Hospital in PE.

  2. born and grew up there- emigrated to uk 24 years ago with british hubby- but my soul is left in africa. and how i love this mountain