Monday, July 12, 2010

Road trip to the Transkei - Mdumbi Backpackers soccer

All over the Transkei there are soccer pitches with kids playing soccer and dreaming of becoming another Diego Forlan. This pitch on the edge of the sea is near Mdumbi Backpackers. The backpackers had a big screen rigged up in an old mission church hall where everyone gathered to watch the World Cup games. As you can see, even in this remote place, the Dutch supporters were there! Orange flags, a poster saying Holland, and lots of orange feather boas. So I was sorry for them when the Spanish proved too much for them last night - although I did think the ref was a bit much ...
And wasn't it wonderful to see Madiba!


  1. Love the first photo! Looks like a photo you would see in a magazine like National Geographic.

  2. Great to see another picture how people gathered to watch the World Cup. Did you get to see any games live? Thanks for your comment on my blog. Indeed, it was a wonderful time. One of my two favorite teams won the cup, so I was really happy in the end.

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