Friday, July 9, 2010

Road trip to the Transkei - halfway there

A flying visit to the Angler and Antelope made us wish that we were staying a week and not just one night. Nigel's Pub, the dining room and a "fly shop" are in a hundred-year-old Catholic church in the small town of Somerset East, and the luxurious accommodation is in an old house that was built in 1893. Each room has a name, and we had one called "Train" where we watched a late night QI on DSTV while falling asleep among the puffy, fluffy white cotton linen and duvet.Alan and Annabelle Hobson are the owners and Alan is a highly regarded fly fisherman - one of only three accredited fly fisherman instructors in the Eastern Cape. Ask them to show you where the ladybirds come inside to hibernate in the St Francis church/pub during winter.


  1. You've made this place sound so inviting.

  2. I know Alan and Annabelle and we stayed there ae a family a couple of months ago. They have a stunning place. Unfortunately we couldn't go out flyfishing that weekend. Also did a post on it.