Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Madiba

Today is Nelson Mandela's 92nd birthday. I thought it was appropriate to post my most favourite photo of him and Helen Suzman (who died last year at the age of 91) - two of the people I admire most in all the world. I don't know who the photographer is, I scanned it a couple of years ago when it appeared in the Cape Times. Happy, happy birthday Madiba!


  1. What a lovely tribute to a great man.

  2. That is a lovely photograph!

  3. Walking through a public park in central Cape Town, I looked through a gate into the walled grounds of Government House .... a tough-looking armed guard stood just inside .... others were on the roof of the building. Something was about to happen!

    And indeed as I watched, President Mandela - instantly recognisable - and several other men came out to stroll around the lawn, talking together.

    This was in 1996, before I had a camera. But it's one of the best memories of that RSA trip.

  4. What a fantastic memory! You were very lucky. I have only seen him in the very distance - although my brother got to shake his hand - he was the helicopter pilot who flew him to Newlands rugby grounds for the World Cup match in 1995.