Monday, June 14, 2010

Skeleton Gorge

A sombre and sad post today as we heard this morning that a 14 year old boy from Houston, Texas, slipped and fell while hiking down Skeleton Gorge. In this photo taken while we were walking in Newlands Forest yesterday morning, you can see Skeleton Gorge slightly lit up on the left hand side of this photo. Our hearts go out to his family. What a terrible thing to happen, especially amidst all the fun and festivities of the World Cup. We have walked up and down Skeleton Gorge many, many times despite its rather forbidding name, and it was not at all an irresponsible thing to be doing. Just a sad, horrible accident. We are so sorry for him and his family.


  1. Sad incident indeed. But, the World Cup enthusiasm is bound to lift up your spirits.
    - Mindless Mumbai

  2. Beautiful scene. Nice photography too.