Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Planet Kids

Today I went with my sister and her children to Planet Kids in Muizenberg, which is an eco-friendly, indoor playground designed especially (but by no means exclusively) for children with disabilites. I gather the owner's child has a form of autism and this wonderful place was designed with him in mind. The toys are mostly made of wood like this jigsaw puzzle. There are also exciting things for sale like colourful wigs with cockscomb hairstyles.
Today is Youth Day - a public holiday that commemorates the Soweto Uprising of 1975 when school children took to the road to protest about the new law that said all children had to be taught in Afrikaans - the language of the National Party government.
And of course, it is the Bafana Bafana vs Uruguay match tonight ...


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  2. Hi Caroline
    Thanks for sharing this with all the other people out there. The jigsaw puzzle above actually pictures my son Luca, 12, living with autism.
    We are the first inclusive play and activity centre in south africa (and hopefuly there will be more to come). Most important: that you and your kids felt welcome and had a great time.
    Best & greetings to all from Andy (from Planet Kids)